Monday 11 July 2011

Yet More Fusion Apps UX AdvocatesTraining and the ACE Program

The Oracle ACE Program at Director Level provides a structure for learning both to the Director through ACE Director briefings and interactions with project managers but also for the wider Oracle Community for enabling these expert speakers to take part in a wider selection of conferences through funding.

In my area Fusion Apps, we have had a dedicated learning plan that started after Oracle Open World, with the first training delivered in January.

The next phase of this training happened in June in Long Beach just before Kscope. Another 4 ACE Directors were trained to demo Fusion Apps and 4 of us who had been through that training went on to look at Tailoring, the tools available to extend the application.

There is no point me posting again what happens in the first class, Lonneke Dikmans did an excellent post for this group. In the advanced group we had Sten Vesterli (his first posting here) who is using FMW tools and he had so many good questions. In fact Killian Evers from the UX team who gave this class started the day by saying she didn’t have enough content for the whole day, and we ended up having a follow up session remotely to finish it! So don’t think this is a one way street, the UX team thrive on user feedback and the ACE Directors give them a diverse and yet expert set of comments.

Jeremy Ashley

Mount Gay Rum
As Lonneke bloged the day finished with Jeremy Ashley head of UX hosting a dinner, and they served my absolute favourite drink, Mount Gay Rum.

And I can't wait for phase III that we are planning for immediatley before OOW.

As ever I need to thank the UX team led by Misha, and for Vikki and Justin in OTN for approving the program.

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