Monday 11 July 2011

OTN Latin America Tour

What a fantastic opportunity, being allowed to travel through Latin America combining my joint passions of travel and education.

Yes I got that opportunity through the Oracle ACE Program and the OTN Tour of LAD. The tour just makes me feel like a rock star

5th July       San Jose, Costa Rica
8th July       Quito, Ecuador
11th July     Cartagena, Columbia
13th July     Lima, Peru
16th July     Sao Paulo, Brazil
19th July     Montevideo, Uruguay
22nd July    Santiago, Chile

My employer Fujitsu, who believes in the value of the trusted partner, supports me in this role and I am very excited that I will get to meet Fujitsu people in Brazil who are just starting their Apps practice.

Basically the local user groups, encouraged by Francesco Muñoz who runs the Chile (and NZ user groups and ACE Director of the Year 2010), arrange their events in a calendar that works for touring speakers.

OTN then approve a number of ACE Directors for travel funding to move through the conferences giving a good range of topics. Each speaker is expected to give two presentations. No one is doing all 7 venues but  Hans Forbrich and I are managing 6 (I was unable to do Costa Rica but you can see the OTN Photo Album here).

The events are fairly technical and my two presentations are around the use of FMW. The first is the Fusion Apps UX story, how and what is sued in Fusion Apps that includes the demo, I so love giving, audience feedback is always so good about the look and feel. Then I give my 42 Real Life Examples of FMW with Apps to show how FMW is being used today.

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