Saturday 28 November 2009

UKOUG 2009 - getting ready

I am writing this from Jury's hotel in Birmingham. This is the favourite hotel for the overseas speakers and this year I thought I would stay here. Last year I found myself having to walk the last few yards back to my hotel on my own, and this hotel is closest to the favourite speakers pub.

It is Saturday night and I have a bit of a routine. The Sunday before conference id very busy for the board, we have a board meeting, a volunteers meeting, and this year we also have a meeting to review the paper selection process. This all kicks off at 1pm and living in N Ireland the first flight on a Sunday would not get me here in time so I have to arrive Saturday. I don't actually mind that because it gives me time to settle in and to make the hotel my home for the week. There is a supermarket directly opposite and i bu a 2 litre bottle of water and a bunch of flowers. Then I cut the top of the bottle and use it as a vase.

I also iron everything and get fully unpacked, and although not for this blog, I have to make sure Stanley is settled. Then my favourite tradition, down to the German Frankfurt Market which comes to Birmingham every Christmas. Has the mandatory bratwurst, curry sauce and washed down with gluhwein.

SO I am happy. Ready for UKOUG which this year I am very excited about as we are bringing the first public demos of Fusion to the UK.