Tuesday 22 August 2017

I Need You - Well if you are an ACE or Dev Champion from EMEA going to OOW

User Group Sunday is a much loved kick off to the magic that is Oracle Open World.

Usergroups are given sessions to fill and for the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa we only get 16 sessions, which doesn't really do justice to all the amazing speakers we have in the region. So 4 years ago a idea was hatched to try and showcase as many as possible by having a couple of quick fire short talk sessions, a bit like TED Talks on the database.

This has been a really successful tradition, 201420152016 and so what do we have planned for 2017?

The ACE program is still thriving and many of us will be in Redwood Shores at the briefings on the Friday before but there is also a new kid in town the Developer Champions. So our intention is to have a session for ACEs and another for the Developer Champions to share with us why they have been given this title and how it makes their work shine.

So please if you are an ACE attending OOW from EMEA, or a new Developer Champion from EMEA then please submit using the survey linked. If you are lucky enough to be both, submit in both.

But hurry I need to make the cut in the first few days of September.