Sunday 27 January 2019

Encouragement Pays Rich Rewards

Encouragement is something we can all give. It doesn't have to be formal mentoring, just encourage someone in their journey and help them find the right path.

Many years ago, in 2007, I had the privilege of taking on a graduate in a new Business Intelligence Team I was building. I selected him because he pushed himself forward and said he wanted to learn. 

This was at the start of the learning revolution of youtube, whilst I was looking for traditional learning for him he was finding the content and just absorbing everything. I called him my human sponge. I was very proud of that team and missed them hen I moved into a new role 2 years later.

Unfortunately my star pupil left after his graduate program, more because a traditional employer was hindered by process and unable to keep up with his phenomenal rise.

Now Viswa is a senior manger and still going his knowledge.

We have kept in touch, occasionally he still asks me for advice, and last week at Oracle Open world in London we had the chance to catch up.

Encouragement doesn't cost much but the rewards can be amazing.