Monday 15 June 2015

A busy Few Weeks - And Breathe....

Some times there is so much on and these last two weeks have been one of those times. There were so many events on and not just in the UK, I think it must be conference season as everyone tries to get their event in before Europe slows down for the summer.

June started with the EOUC, The EMEA Presidents Meeting in Lisbon, I didn't attend, UKOUG send two people and Fiona and Linda Barker attended.

Our Cloud User Speakers
Linda Barker 1st president Outing
A few days later we had our HCM Community Applications Innovation Day, which was a great day with Cloud Customers telling their stories and Oracle explaining what's next. I have written an article for Oracle Scene it was great day.

We have a similar event for the ERP Community at the end of June, where we will hear what you can do to extend your ERP or consider ERP Cloud.

Then last week was even more manic, with many people pushing the flight planning websites to their limits. Most well known speakers trying to manage at least two events in the week.

UKOUG had Scotland early in the week and then Friday a very busy day but lets get back to that later. I was in Germany on Wednesday for the 2nd Day of the DOAG Business Event. This blog from Richard Bingham gives an insight from the HCM Day and the DOAG.

I spoke at the DOAG about AppAdvantage and Paas4SaaS (view my whitepaper here) and then it was a quick flight back for Friday. But whilst at the DOAG I spotted this UKOUG folder from yester year, anyone know what year?

I don't normally like or encourage 'demo babes' but at the Demo there was a marketing girl who I thought was fantastic. At first I thought her 'digital costume' was a body stocking but I had a chat with her and it was body paint and had taken two hours to apply. It looked amazing.

Then on the way home at Frankfurt Airport I spotted this advertising from Oracle, I really like it and think I will ask if we can have some for conference.

Other speakers were at EMEA Harmony in Tallinn, or always fantastic Bulgarian User Group and I understand there were others as well including the Israeli User Group Technical Days.

Friday was the busy, busy day at UKOUG, agenda planning day for our Apps, Tech and JDE events in December. Lots of people selecting the finite number of sessions from the amazing selection submitted. I hate turning people down but at the end of the day you step back and it looks like a really good set of agendas coming together. It takes a few weeks to check everything and get it ready for the official launch which will be in July.

As the boards started to come together we had the AGM for UKOUG, and Fiona Martin gave a presentation along with David Rowntree who covered Finance. It was a great roundup of the year and  I know how much effort Fiona had put into it. Then we had volunteer drinks in a local hostelry, a great finish to a long day.

It doesn't stop here either, this week is the sold out Solaris SIG and the Hyperion special event .

And in amongst all this I have been extremely busy with an opportunity at Certus, so have really been juggling, but as I like to say #ILoveMyJob