Friday, 22 July 2011

Well This is Embarrassing....

Just a few minutes ago I posted about the disappearance of useableapps content, and then I looked at email to receive this:

After a migration effort, I'm happy to report that our external website on Applications User Experience at Oracle is now operational again!

Please feel free to visit:

Lots of useful information about what we are doing, by product line and much, much more!
Please feel free to pass it on to anyone you feel would benefit.

I could just of deleted my posting but I won't instead I leave it as a reminder about how the web is a powerful tool, a place to share concerns as I did, but more importantly a place to share knowledge, like the UX team do.

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Misha Vaughan said...


No need to be embarrassed. Your passion for Oracle's User Experience message is an asset, and your voice was heard. Thanks for participating in the conversation.

As you mentioned, and I am happy to confirm, the site is indeed back up.

Misha Vaughan