Friday 22 July 2011

Global Warming at Oracle?

There are worries that as the ice caps melt through global warming, we will loose a whole continent of natural history, putting many many animals in danger of extinction.

This is a disaster we can stop if we the world want to enough. Easier to fix is the threatened extinction of content at Oracle:

I have heard from friends that is down. I hope I have heard wrong because just as the interest in Fusion Apps is ramping up and people are seeing the real value of the UX program, the ability to look at the postings made during the development process is so important. In this blog I tried to explain why the questions about Fusion Apps are asked over and over again, and just like needing to answer a user’s question when it is right for them to ask, they need to have the information you have been posting.

My Product Development Committee are working on a user group guide to available information, and we certainly intend to include this blog as part of it. Simply moving the content would not be the same, it is about how the process developed in real time.

The UX Advocates training for the ACE Program is also very linked in here,and my colleagues Sten Vesterli and Ron Batra have also commented here.

My company Fujitsu are a member of the European Oracle Usability Advisory Board (OUAB) and the content for that is unavailable.
At the recent ODTUG I arranged for Madhuri Kolhatkar from UX team to present on design patterns used in Fusion Apps, it was one of the most successful presentations of the day. Design patterns are also missing.

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