Tuesday 19 July 2011

Quick Update on Fusion Applications

This article from Chris Maxcer, Techtarget suggests Fusion Apps are on General Release rather than Controlled Release which I commented on last month, and actually I don't care. Whoever buys a new product and doesn't have a conversation with the vendor to ensure they have the right skills does not deserve to have a successful project.

What I do want to comment on are the thoughts on the price list, yes it is very confusing and I have seen a few other reports on that. I urge Oracle, and I am very pro the product (just in case you were in doubt), to make the price list simpler. To me one the best features of the product is the User Experience, the ability to do everything from one place with a superior User Experience, yet the experience of reading, let alone understanding the price list is anything but. I have asked on behalf of all users to have this explained to us.

I present about how intuitive the product is and how you wont need to have long training sessions to use it, however we may spend that saved time, understanding the price list, and more importantly what features you loose if you chose not to take an optional element of technology. My great friend Floyd who is quoted in the article puts it very well - “I don't think we've heard the last of the story on Fusion Apps pricing."


Dennis Howlett said...

Thanks for bringing this up. I have asked Oracle for clarification on both GA and pricing. Awaiting a reply but I won't wait long.

Debra Lilley said...