Monday, 11 July 2011

FMW Symposium at Kscope

Last year at KScope there was a FMW symposium but it was quiet, those who led it are FMW practitioners and know there is a need for this but the traditional audience are still using the existing tools and the move to FMW has been slower than predicted by both Oracle and Analysts, but the pace is picking up speed now.

The FMW Sunday Symposium was planned again for this year and was being put together by fellow ACE Directors Lonneke Dikmans, Lucas Jellema and Chris Muir, but about 4 months ago they approached me and asked if I could take over. I was happy to do so, as the day was intended to set the scene and not be overly technical as I defiantly am not!

Last year I wrote a paper for Oracle Open World 42 Real Life Examples of FMW with Apps and the main thing it told me was that most FMW projects are quite modest, mainly doing what was done before but with the new technology. I believe that Fusion Apps now being available will cause a shift to step up the speed of the transition; they will be a big window on that technology.

So the day started with Patanjali Venkatacharya from the Oracle UX team, showing the technology behind the applications, a great way of visualising what is happening. Duncan Mills from product development then quickly went through the stack, I was very unfair expecting him to be able to do that in just 40 minutes, but Duncan loves a challenge.

Then my fellow ACES who use this in their daily lives, paired up to present what the technology does and a case study of how they have used it.

Chris Muir and I
Chris Muir and John King talked about ADF, Sten Vesterli and Hajo Norman talked WebCenter, Lonneke Dikmans and Chris Judson talked about SOA then swapped roles to talk about BPM. The day finished with Madhuri Kolhatkar from the UX team sharing some of the design patterns used by the Fusion Apps development team.

I thought it was a great day, with a good number of delegates who stayed all day. I can't take any credit for the content or the rest of the FMW delivery through the conference but I am so pleased it got a great start. Then at the end of the conference FMW went out with Thursday Thunder, we are group of experts built an application live using FMW in just 3 hours that was just so excellent I have stolen it for UKOUG in December.

This is another example of the success of the OTN ACE program; we would never have all worked together without this. In EMEA some of us are in the SOA Partner Community but it doesn’t reach the breadth and include Oracle Apps in the way this does. Thanks to all the speakers and delegates who supported the FMW Track at Kscope, we will be shutting the crowds out next year.

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