Sunday, 19 July 2015

Next Up Latin America (Again)

One of the wonderful advantages of the Oracle Ace Program is that at ACE Director level you can apply for funding to take part in speaking opportunities overseas. The best of these are the organised ACE Tours, were usergoups in a region arrange their events in a time frame that allows a group of ACE Directors to travel together and cover several events in one trip.

They are hard work, for the speakers who have a lot of travel to do, and juggle their day job, but even more so for the individual who co-ordinates them, bringing together the local user groups, local speakers, Oracle speakers and the ACE program.

On of the most established tours is the Latin America Tour, or should I say tours. It is now so successful that the tour has to be split as it takes almost a month to work its way through the continent. This is arranged by Francisco Muñoz who is the President of the Chile Usergroup, despite living and working in Australia. He now has plenty of help locally from Nelson Calero from Uruguay.

The first Latin America tour, now know as LAOTN was in 2010, and I first took part in 2011, In 2012 it split into two and I did the Northern Leg , I skipped Latin America in 2013 (doing Australia & South Africa instead) but last year I was back again. This year I am doing the Southern Tour, many of the places I visited on my first tour plus Argentina where I have never been before.

I am speaking on Cloud Apps Maturity and PaaS4SaaS, so I will be in my element. I will be travelling with old friends and making new friends, it will be great fun.

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