Saturday 4 July 2015

2015 KSCOPE - Passion in Action

In the last post I mentioned I accidentally attended the APEX kick off session. How I got there was because I was kicking off the Kscope Scavenger Hunt and you got points for attending one of the kick offs. I was busy working for the day job and intended to stay for just a few minutes, but the speaker caught my attention and I stayed till the end.

The speak, Joel Kallman, spoke with Passion, that is passion with a capital 'P'. Product Managers are meant to be passionate, they are evangelists for their technologies. I often talk about my passion for what I do and if just a tiny fraction of what Joel portrayed comes over, I will be happy.

His presentation was about the 'idea' that APEX cannot be used for an enterprise grade application. And he told about how from the moment he heard it, it worked towards collecting the imperial facts to prove it wrong.

I've said it many times, I believe people don't use APEX because they struggle to believe a 'no cost' option has value. Well Joel has launched his #LetsWreckThisTogether twitter campaign to get the message across and he is winning.

All of his talk resonated with me, and in my own strategy for PaaS4SaaS I use APEX for use cases that don't affect many users. I need to use ADF where there is an end user need not because APEX won't do it, but because I need the same UX as in Cloud and that is from ADF.

What really hit home was when Joel talked about how sales now want to know all about APEX, they still don't sell it, but it allows them to demo PaaS, and they want to sell that.

I'm not the only fan of Joel, Kscope gave hime their Oracle Contributor Award, well deserved:

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