Saturday, 4 July 2015

2015 KSCOPE - Sessions I attended

I go to Kscope to learn, I spent time planning the sessions I wanted to go to, but actually spent more time speaking to product managers, on how to expand what we are doing at work, and I cover this in the PaaS4SaaS Kscope entry.

I did attend the APEX kick off, but more on that in the next blog.

ODTUG covers 5 main areas, EPM (everything from Essbase to Financial Close), Database Development, APEX, BI, ADF & MAF. I guess I am part of the last area, I defiantly love ADF, this is the technology that gives Cloud Apps their rich user experience, and I attended a few sessions in this track, and it is where I gave my session.

I also attended an Hyperion Session from Sarah Zumbrum where she and a co speaker talked about how they use Essabse for personal projects. She for her Triathlon training and Bruan Bain talked about Fantasy Football. They were great use cases that everyone could relate to and really showed the power of the cube.

I also went to the YCC session on how they use BI to help them improve ODTUG. Crystal did a great job and I hope there are some take aways for UKOUG.

I also attended the UX sessions, which I cover in another blog, so the only stream I didn't attend was Database Development and I wish I had, sounds like the Tom Kyte and Steven Feurerstein YesSQL sessions were excellent.

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