Saturday 4 July 2015

2015 KSCOPE - Keeping Fit

Bit of an oxymoron me and keeping fit, but Kscope has many opportunities, starting with daily Chi Gung from Kent Graziano.

I have been going to Chi Gung at Kscope and OOW for the last 3 - 4 years but am useless. I can either do the exercise, or do the breathing but not both!

I started Chi Gung as I thought it would help my breathing for diving, but for Chi Gung I am meant to breath through my nose which doesn't work when diving and then you are meant to keep your tongue behind your teeth, that would actually make me spit out my regulator.

So it fails on all levels but I do enjoy it, and it is a great way to get energised at the start of the day.

Talking of Diving, the one sport I am addicted to - I arranged a special Kscope Real Deep Dive this year, hired a boat and took out 25 delegates plus Carol Dacko who came just to dive, out from Fort Lauderdale with Sea Experience

We had a mix up with the details and only got one dive and a second snorkel attempt, but everyone had a great day and I loved it.

I manage another two dives with Carol on Sunday and then 2 more with Holger Friedrich after the conference. Really mixing business and pleasure!

Oh, there was also a 5km and I was intending to walk it like I did at OOW, but I had to give my own presentation at 8.30 and no way would I have finished and showered before then :( 

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