Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Digital Disruption - Catching Up With A Legend - Ray Wang

Over the years I have spoken to many analysts about what Oracle are doing and what that means to their users.

Some analysts are just about the figures and that is also important but those that dig into the impacts on users are my kind of people, and top of my list are Ray Wang and Den Howlett. Interestingly on the surface they seem very different but both really care and are real gentlemen. 

Ray and Den also are both experts in the area of digital disruption. Something I have been thinking about recently in our Oracle World, Customers, Users, Usergroups etc. My latest article appeared in the current OTech Magazine

Me, Ray and Craig Dale (SAP User Group)
Ray Wang never stands still, literally and even if he is at an event he swops in and swoops out and it is so easy to miss him, although a few years ago we did play truant at Oracle Open World to go try out the local doughnuts.

Ray is part of Constellation Research and in 2011 I was honoured to be asked to join them as a user advocate, and my main role has been with their annual supernova awards where I am a judge and advocate.

Ray has written an excellent book on Digital Disruption and is currently on a tour promoting this. recently he was in London and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to met up with him.

The event was not just some learnings from and promotion of his book, he also had some round tables looking at how this was affecting the business we do today.

Not only was it a great chance to catch up with Ray but with other people who appreciate his unique take on the technology world from a user perspective. Craig Doyle from the UK SAP Usergroup was there plus Mike Simons editor of Computerworld UK.

This year Oracle Open World is much later and I will be able to attend the Constellation Event - Connected Enterprise the following week, more quality time to hear from Ray and many other experts on the wider world of technology. 

Follow Ray (and Den) on twitter to keep up with them.

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