Saturday, 4 July 2015

2015 KSCOPE - A wonderful Event

I love ODTUG and especially their conference Kscope. I'm not putting it above UKOUG but I have the time to enjoy Kscope, and it's where I go to learn.

Each year Kscope goes to a different venue and this year it was Hollywood, Florida, lovely place in June.

I can't go through everything I got upto, but here are a few highlights:

So you can see we all had a great time at Kscope and if you don't believe me watch their wrap up video.

I can't wait till #kscope16 next year when it is in Chicago, and yet again I left so jealous that the UK doesn't have the rich choice of conference venues available elsewhere. We may not have the choice of venues but the UKOUG agenda will be great, keep an eye out for details.

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