Sunday, 5 July 2015

2015 KSCOPE - The Day Job (still loving it)

Certus Solutions, my employer recognise much of my value is from understanding the technology, and we agreed Kscope is where I should attend, but you can't just take a week off work. Kscope is not funded by OTN, this was a Certus investment.

We are working on a number of bids at the moment, life is really exciting, the Cloud Applications market is really taking off.  One of these bids was coming to it's final days and I was part of the bid team. I know many people who would have had to cancel a trip, but we discussed it and I was confident I could do my bit from Florida.

I answered lots of questions they had asked on the flight over, good use of some of the 10 hours, and put together some words for the final presentation. I worked all Sunday both US and UK time and then did the final QA of the bid when the UK closed on Monday, working 6 hours straight.

I loved it, this is such an amazing opportunity and things are going really well.

I also talked to the UX team about how Certus Customers can help at OOW and our first session has already been confirmed. What Does It Take to Make Oracle HCM Cloud Work? The JT Story [CON9059]

I was also honoured to present on our PaaS4SaaS proof of concept but will cover that in a later post.

Have I mentioned, 'I love my Job' ?

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