Thursday, 5 November 2015

OOW15 - UX Advocate

The ACE Director briefings are the Thursday and Friday before OOW, so the Oracle Applications UX day was the Wednesday and one of my favourite days, this is my area, where Oracle are baking the best user experience into their applications.

They talked about the UX enhancements in R10 of the SaaS and best way to understand this is in these 3 blogs HCM, Sales, ERP

In the run up to OOW Oracle had published a ForbesVoice article on PaaS4saaS with quotes from me, this is a quickly growing area and the need to keep on top of it is one of my top priorities and the new UX page on emerging technologies is a good place to do so. This is why the recent UKOUG partner award for emerging technology meant so much.

There was quite a bit during the day on the Rapid Development Toolkit and how this is developing and being upgraded for release 10 and Myself and eProseed used enhances in the Apps release 10 to better.

At the end of the day they did a pitch back session to check the ACE UX advocates had done their homework and I was really pleased they let those who were none english speakers do theirs twice if they wanted. once in their own language, the UX team didn't understand the content but they could see how confident and engaging these speakers were. 

The UX team had a Cloud Exchange at OOW and asked some of us the take turns to man the PaaS4SaaS Success Stories demo station which included showing off what we had done to some visiting analysts.

The UX team also had their scavenger hunt in a new guise at OOW which I liked so much at Kscope. Several UOUG volunteers took part so we can revise it for UKOUG and thank the UX team for their continued support of UKOUG and look forward to seeing them in December at our conferences.

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