Thursday, 5 November 2015

OOW15 - Oracle - Steady As She Goes

Oracle Open World seems a long time ago although actually less than 10 days and hopefully you have now caught up with all the press, all the video and other peoples commentary and what the messages meant for you.

I particularly liked this article from ForbesVoice, talking about Oracle's journey to Cloud and who their competitors are, digital disruption show up well here, the changes dynamics.

And I love this video advertising Oracle Cloud Apps, tongue in cheek but gets the message across.

For me, who works exclusively with Cloud Apps, it meant not a lot of new content, I have already seen all in release 10, heard about the plans for 11, and especially the UX, but that is good news, you see Cloud gives us continuous innovation. The cycle of one year telling you the plans for the next release, the following year announcing but not yet General Availability and then several years encouraging you to adopt it, is not applicable to Cloud, where you get two releases a year and everyone upgrades.

Most of the Cloud sessions I went to, including all the Certus ones where about the reality and the experience of customers using Cloud, and that excites me. We have reached a good place in the adoption cycle and everyday someone new moves or migrates to Oracle Cloud Applications. 

In my PaaS4SaaS area, I wrote just before Open World about the Marketing v Adoption curve and what I learnt at the ACE Briefings and in the conference itself, is that they are developing nicely as well. Product Management know the challenges people like myself have faces and are knocking them off one patch at a time. Again innovation is constant, and they promise much more. I will continue to keep up with this change and work with customers where it makes sense for them, but I am happy with the progress.

As a user group leader representing the status quo, Oracle are continuing to support all customers and as they develop their cloud offerings, offering more and more technology and options for all customers to do more for their organisations.

I met with Dennis Howlett one of my favourite analysts at OOW and I was really please with his summary of the event (especially as I got a mention) - The Verdict

At risk of repeating myself, I am not technical but all the main messages, just in case you didn't hear are about the Cloud, Oracle is a Cloud company and to sum it all up I would say, 'Steady As She Goes - making great progress.

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