Thursday, 5 November 2015

OOW15 - More than 12 more on 12c

I talked about this a lot on the run up to OOW, and my 2 minute Top Tech Tip video was one of the top 10 in the weeks leading unto OOW 12 on 12c, and OTN commissioned an Oracle Profit article on some ACE speakers of which this was first, so I did feel we had a lot to live up to, especially as last year’s was so successful.

This year we persuaded Oracle to give us a double slot which meant 105 minutes. We gave each speaker 7 minutes and that meant we managed to cram 16 speakers into the session. The format is really simple, I explain why we are there, Ralf whose original idea it was, runs a 2nd projector (thank you Graham Wood for yet again helping out with the loan) with a count down clock and off we go.

There is a running order, but it isn’t printed or shown in the agenda, so we will try and fix that for next year. I did have it in my blog but these are highly technical people and not everyone reads mine! We started as last year with Jonathan Lewis knowing he would be time perfect and set the scene. Some of the speakers have said I could have been better with the order as to bring the subjects in a more logical order but they will have to help me as I don’t know a primary key from an analytic function let alone columnar storage from a pluggable database !!!!!!!!!

There was a good mix of speakers from throughout the EMEA region and I will be encouraging more next year, I think this is now a tradition.

photo thanks to Martin Widlake
I did get feedback that I looked bored when Tim was speaking but I wasn’t honestly, it’s just having been on tour with him in Latin America I have heard his current content several times, and he got his own back on me, telling the audience he knew my PaaS4SaaS content backwards at the OTN stage.

The audience was amazing we started with about 200 and then people drifted in and out at the half way mark as they had other commitments and the stats tell me we had 236 scanned attendees total. I call that a success, and everyone had fun, although some struggled with the smallness of my display (these tech folks have big laptops) and I panicked when I couldn’t see Maria and it was almost time for her slot, but she was there, sneaked into the back. 

You can still download this presentation from the schedule UGF3190

The official feedback included 'defiantly so again in 2016'  but my favourite feedback was 'I don't have room for 12 compliments so this will have to do' 

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