Thursday, 5 November 2015

OOW15 - As an Oracle Partner

There is a partner reception on the Saturday evening before OOW kicks off, and it was a great chance to meet up with the Certus people before we all got busy for the week.

Oracle has a special program for partners at Oracle Open World on the Sunday afternoon but I missed that as I was hosting the EOUC session.

But Certus have announced expansion into Australia and so we had several meetings with Alliance and Channels for that area and I am excited but where this is going.

At the OPN lounge you could have a social networking makeover which included a new profile photo. I haven't made the changes to my accounts yet but I will when I find the time, but I love the photo, thank you OPN.

Alliances all held a reception for their enablement program, for partners who are specialised which includes Certus but we are also delivering training for them.

It is great to be recognised for having worked hard, and in the last year we have also achieved Platinum status which was really hard work for a small company. 

I also need to apologise to Jurgen Kress who runs the partner community for Fusion Middleware. I did meet up with my peers in this group one lunchtime to help him plan next year but I didn't make it to his reception, just not enough hours in the day.

Both the UK and Ireland hold dinners for partners and customers and I chose to attend the Ireland event. I know many from OUG Ireland events but I don't often have time to relax with them.

There is a new country lead in Ireland John Donnelly and he hosted a wonderful dinner in the Mona Lisa Restaurant. Now obviously the restaurant is Italian and the starter could of been a nod to their flag but we liked to think it was in honour of the Irish Flag.

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