Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The Need for Wi-Fi and Good AV


Like it or not, our world is moving to the cloud. As ACE Directors we are encouraged to not only talk but to demo the cloud.

All you need to run the cloud is a browser, and ADEQUATE wifi.

When locations are chosen for events, it is not enough to ask if they have wifi and then believe it will work. Everyone is using the wifi and as a tech audience we are even worse. It isn't about having wifi, it is about the strength and bandwidth.

As I type this, I have just seen an news article on the BBC that yesterday, Christmas Day, the sheer number of Alexa (and other devices) being connected at the same time caused issues.

BBC Website 26 December 2018

Too many times I am unable to show my demos because there is little or no wifi. If you are using a technology that is available offline, then you may be able to have it running on your PC, but that isn't cloud! My SaaS and PaaS world can't be run in an image locally, they need wifi access!

Many times I have to run on 4G but some venues have really poor 4G and abroad I cannot afford to roam for that period of time.

AV is just as bad, showing a powerpoint is normally fine, but once you start showing screen shots of applications, or running code many older buildings struggle. I think organisers should have a presentation put together that includes these, plus colours, and audio / video and test the venue.

Oracle is red, if the red doesn't work, it simply doesn't look Oracle!

Perhaps speakers should be asked to rate Wifi and AV as part of their feedback on a standard scale so venues that fail are not used again until fixed.

RANT OVER! (for now)

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