Thursday, 20 August 2015


This is a wonderful user group with the most amazing hospitality.

The event was over two days in a local university. Day one was sessions and day two was workshops. 

No one wants an Apps workshop so I had the second day off, which I enjoyed. 

I did pop in to see a Q&A session with Tim Hall, Mike Dietrich and Ronald Bradford. If you can get an audience engaged Q&As are one of the best ways to get the most out of a conference. There were interpreters and this meant that neither the audience or the speakers were hampered by language.

One the first day I gave my two sessions and was really pleased with the audience size. It was good to have some questions and the mood has defiantly moved to this 'Cloud is real'.

Tim, Ronald and I were the only ACEs on tour, although that is not quite true, two almost locals also attended, Gustavo Gonzalez from Argentina and Alex Zaballa from Brazil who was a promoted to ACE Director that very week. Congratulations Alex.

Mike Dietrich from the Oracle Upgrades Team also joined us and the local speakers. Pablo Ciccarello from OTN kicked off the event.

Thank you to the UYOUG team, Nelson, Edelweiss, Bruno, Pablo and Daniel thank you for being such wonderful hosts and kicking off the most amazing tour.

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