Thursday 20 August 2015


Chile was our penultimate stop and the only conference that didn't have translators, which I think is a pity because it does affect attendance in some of the sessions, although the delegates were possibly more animated. 

I had been to Chile before and it was the same university hosting the event. I had my biggest crowds and as an applications speaker having a full room is fantastic. 

The sponsors of the event were the same as the last time I went and they took us to lunch which was very nice. 

We were also joined by Plinio Arbizu, a peruvian ACE Director who we nominated after the original tour. He now lives in Mexico and is a prolific speaker in Latin America.

The day over ran a little but the numbers didn't seem to drop off so there is defiantly a desire to learn and I am proud to be one of the educators. 

We rushed off straight after the event so we didn't have as much time with the local group but Francisco runs this remotely which is an amazing achievement.

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