Thursday 20 August 2015

2015 LAOTN - Lazing About in Lima

By the time we arrived in Lima at 2am we were exhausted, not simply tired. It had been a long 12 days and we were running on empty. As we collected our luggage the crowd of 'official' taxi vendors stared on us and we eventually agreed to take a shuttle as Ronald was at a different hotel to Tim and I. 

As we left the mayhem to get in the shuttle we saw Enrique from the Peru User Group waiting for us. We had totally forgotten that it had been arranged weeks before. Luckily and quite amazingly the shuttle people gave us our money back and off we headed for our hotels. 

We had the Tuesday off but everyone just wanted to sleep. Ronald was staying at the event hotel but I had chosen the Hilton as I have status with them and wanted to relax, Tim just tagged along as normal. I have to say the Lima Hilton is excellent and the lounge has just one hour in the day when they aren't offering food. It also has an infinity pool and Jacuzzis just outside. 

The intention was to just sleep and hang out all day but from the roof we could see the sea, so we did venture out for a little bit walk down to the sea, which actually although it was spectacular with amazing big waves the American type Mall ruined it a bit.

During the event I wandered out to see a Church nearby unfortunately it was part of a working school so I wasn't able to go inside.

I felt quite rested and well up for our trip to Machu Picchu the next day when the tour finished, not so sure Tim was............

Next Stop Machu Picchu

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