Thursday 20 August 2015

2015 LAOTN - Fun in Montevideo

I arrived in Uruguay mid morning and was met by Daniel from the user group. I love Facebook, we first met 4 years ago on my last visit and although he doesn't have the best english it was as if it was yesterday. 

After a quick freshen up it was time to meet Ronald Bradford and his wife Cindy, it was great to catch up with Cindy who is expecting their first baby, I even went to their wedding.

We went to the home of Edelweiss and Nelson who run the UYOUG and we walked around the local street market. I was amazed at the colours and size of the fruits in what is their winter.

Then it was off for a great dinner with great friends.

The next day, Daniel and Pablo took the three of us to Colonia about 2 hours drive down the coast. It was a wonderful old city with lots of things to see and we had a really relaxed day.

It is mainly old cobbled streets around a ruined fortress full of quaint little shops and tea rooms. IT made me think of Cuba with lots of old cars parked, but each one was a table setting.

My favourite thing was the lighthouse, we all climbed to mid way and then Daniel and Pablo joined me at the very top.

We were very tired when we got back to the city and were quite pleased when Nelson and Edelweiss decided on a simple pizza feast  in their flat over looking the coast. Heaven.

The conference was two days and after day one all the speakers which included 3 from Argentina and Mike Dietrich and Tim Hall who arrived Sunday, had a great dinner in a fantastic restaurant as guests of UYOUG, Nelson, Edelweiss, Daniel, Pablo and Bruno.

I wasn't needed for day two where there were a few master classes so Cindy and I had a lazy morning and after lunch with everyone we went up the City Hall for a fantastic view of the City. Although my favourite view is this building right next to the hotel.

I love Uruguay and look forward to visiting it and friends again one day, their hospitality is wonderful.

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