Thursday 20 August 2015


Lima was the last stop, and what although Tim and I who had been at every event on the tour were tired, we were spurred on my the knowledge we had two days to explore Machu Picchu and we had had a lovely lazy day to re-energise ourselves before the conference.

The event was in a Hotel with a great setup, and the events company were excellent and really well organised. The rooms were actually the plenary room separated into three with good sound proofing. This is quite important because if the plenary room is used as a breakout room it normally makes the audience look lost. This was a great venue, well done PEOUG.

Again I got a two really good audiences with lots of questions. Dana Singleterry and Edelweiss Kammermann could not stay on the tour this far but gave sessions by webcast and the IT made it work. They also had people in the audience who could facilitate Q&A.

Photo courtesy of Ronald Bradford

Thankyou to Eduardo and Miguel from PEOUG who put on a wonderful event.

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