Monday 3 January 2011

Fusion at TEBS and what next?

Let's start by defining Oracle Fusion. Fusion is the middleware technology and Fusion Apps are Oracle's soon to be released suite of applications written entirely in Fusion Technology.

As  I have waited patiently for the applications to be developed, I have acquired an interest in the technology, and it making it easy to understand from a business perspective.

So following on from the success of my two papers at Oracle Open World I presented them at TEBS: 42 Real Life Examples of Fusion Middleware with Apps and Stay Away if you are technical, Fusion Middleware for Business. These are very important to me I want people to really understand the benefits. I keep on saying this but I think Fusion Applications will at first be a fantastic window on what the technology can do before people actually start to adopt the applications themselves.

Clive Swan
Fellow ACE Director Sten Vesterli is a fusion developer and he has written an excellent blog posting on what he hopes will the pricing policy. We need to remember that the functionality portion of the costs can be transferred from a customers existing portfolio, it is the technology costs we don't know yet. I hope Oracle do get it right because the product is excellent.

Our Fusion Apps stream was excellent and led again for us by Clive Swan, GVP fusion HCM who won our Oracle Applications IPA from last year and he was joined again by Jeremy Ashley, VP User Experience and wrote about his thoughts in his blog.

We had an excellent session from Gartner where Nigel Montgomery gave us a strategy for looking at our own businesses whilst assessing what Fusion applications might give us. Later that day he hosted a round table and it is still apparent that a lot of people are still confused. A thought I will come back to in a later posting. It isn't just about the message it is about our listening habits.

Anthony Lye
Another speaker was Anthony Lye, SVP CRM. Anthony is a friend of UKOUG and regularly travels over from redwood to address our Siebel community, but he is also very integral to Fusion. some of the first stand alone Fusion Modules were CRM and he asked us to include his presentation on how they fitted in and the new things being added. All Oracle executives have punishing schedules and Anthony arrived, sat in the corridor for last minute preparations and then flew off to Belfast where he was making his first visit to ATG a recent acquisition which he now runs. Thank you to all our Fusion Speakers for being with us.

There were two days of Fusion content at TEBS and I finished up with my session on 'What Next?'. We first did this in the last Financials SIG, looking at all the options for going forward ad how to approach them. I wanted people to think about R12, and move away from the 'shall I wait?' option. So we looked at all the ways to go to R12 and some of the feedback we have had from users who have made the move. Back in the summer I did a joint presentation at Insync in Australia with Mogens Nørgaard on Business accelerators, and the options this approach to a new install can give you. We didn't have time to do the whole presentation but we did manage to include a little bit ad I was honored that Mogens was able to join me again. He talked about using the money saved over a traditional implementation to ensure you embrace the FMW technology for your integrations, and we developed a new acronym PINT, Perfect Integrations New Technology and if you know Mogens you will know just how apt that is.

I think we achieved a good balance of information without too much hype. The applications will be with us soon enough and we want people to be interested but not expect a missive uptake from day one. So back to my first point, Fusion Applications will be with us soon, stick with UKOUG to show you the best way to navigate all the information and expect a lot more about the technology.

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