Monday 10 December 2018

2018 DOAG

Every blog about the DOAG could be the same. 

We expect a lot from German efficiency and they always deliver. My overriding emotion each year is venue envy. I love the building. I have been to literally 100s of events and this is the best venue by far. 

It isn’t too big, or rather it isn’t spread out over too big an area like you get in some US venues, but there is plenty of space for people to mingle and network. The atrium allows for the exhibitors to be spread over different levels and have constant footfall. Then there is the restaurants that allow people to sit and eat when they want. The DOAG don’t have breaks, there are sessions starting on the hour every hour, and the delegates decide when to break. The transport networks are simple and work and ensure delegates also get to be right in the centre of the town with all the restaurants and entertainment you could ask for.

This year I gave my PaaS Extensions and Chatbot sessions. The PaaS Extensions had a good crowd and I am having more and more discussions with delegates around this these products are being considered more and more. I am very happy with the latest demo I have added around VBCS. Again, this is a PoC where I have worked with Product Management, and this is how I learn, share with my colleagues and the community and then deliver solutions for our customers.

Duncan Mills attended my chatbot session and gave me great feedback on how I explained the concepts. That really pleased me because I like to think my personal skill is to take something technical, dissect it and make it seem simple to the business community and so the value it brings, at the same time showing technical people that value. Bringing the two communities together. 

I attended a great session from Chris Saxon and Alex Nuiten on SQL standards which I got to be their Ring Girl and I hope to see again, especially since I have now made them a new belt!

I missed the ACE dinner at the start of the event as my flight in was quite late, but I thank the ACE program for enabling me to be there. I also thank the DOAG for selecting me, making me feel welcome and their hospitality.

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