Thursday 5 November 2015

OOW15 - The Travel

Actually pretty good, the flight out was uneventful and I managed to empty my inbox on email. Friends always tell me they know when I get off a long haul flight, there are suddenly many emails.

I went out to Oracle HQ a day early to have a few meetings for Certus so stayed the first night out at the airport, shuttles are frequent and I was there and settled within an hour. I am a person of rituals and one for San Fran is French Onion soup, which I had that evening so first thing ticked already.

As I’ve already said I took a quick break after OOW, but still had the OTN travel arranged to the airport. This always makes me feel special, it may not be a big thing in the US but it certainly is in UK. I just love having someone with my name waiting to deliver me somewhere.

 After the quick vacation, I stayed in San Francisco for the sold out ConstellationR Connected Enterprise event. Something I want to do every year but can never justify the return to San Fran 6 weeks after OOW. As OOW was so late this year it made sense, hence the 5 days free between events and the opportunity for a break.

The event was great and I had a taxi to and from the hotel each day from a local taxi company driven by a complete 'fruitcake', she was harmless, courteous, pretty reliable but talked rubbish non-stop. Still made for interesting rides.

Then a weekend with friends before flying back to the UK and reality. Unfortunately British Airways thought I would like a few hours delay, which then meant missing my connection in Heathrow and finally getting home about 4 hours late. Just enough time to do the unpack, do the laundry and pack again.

Next up DOAG............

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