Thursday 5 November 2015

OOW15 - Having Fun

In all my posts I talk about how busy OOW is but I believe if you don't have fun it is just work. The two are possible together and #ilovemyjob

Chi Gung at the Sofitel
Whilst at HQ I love catching up with old friends and the Sofitel actually rates as my favourite hotel bed ever. Another tradition is morning Chi Gung with Kent Graziano and the weather this year was tremendous despite it being late October.

Saturday is the only day I have free, and actually now saturday evening is the partner reception it is not even a whole day. Traditionally Saturday is get out day, and I have several times hired a bicycle and done the bridge and this year the OTN t shorts recognised the unofficial OOW triathlon that I even completed last year.

Family Nuijten
This year I had a different way to enjoy saturday I went to Alcatraz with Alex Nuijten and his family. I love these guys, i have been to their home this year, they had my home for a trip to Ireland, and Alex's wife came to Kscope. So it was wonderful to visit Alcatraz with them this year.

After the Swim - photo Kris Rice
Sunday morning it is the bridge run (or in my case walk) but this year I was giving my own presentation so I had to miss it, but I was there for the Monday morning bay swim. People were worried that with it being a month later it would be much colder but actually the water was slightly warmer.  And another now favourite tradition is coming home on the cable car.

Perhaps this should have gone on my ACE and OTN posting but it defiantly comes under the title of fun. The was a 'see yourself in the cloud' ball pond and it was such fun, or at least until it was time to get out.

And finally the appreciation party and the Elton John concert.

So all ready for next year and the fun that is OOW.

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