Friday, 4 February 2011

One Man Went to MOW ..................... well this woman will

If you know me, you know I have a lot of friends who are members of the OakTable, and I count Mogens as one of my best friends. Funny thing is, Mogens and I rarely work in the same area.

A few years back , just after I found out technical people could be interesting, I was introduced to Robyn Sands from Cisco by email by Dan Fink, when I was looking for an engineering approach to Fusion Apps. We corresponded by email for a while and then I tried to arrange a meeting. Robyn said she would be at MOW or Miracle Open World, the most technical conference on the planet, arranged by Mogen's company.

I even ended up speaking there as that year they had a business stream, but I wouldn't even have attended a technical session then. I actually felt weird, I wanted to play and boy, do they play at this conference, with the techies, the business people were too serious. The business stream became BAUG and they now meet with the DOUG and I have been back several times to present to them, one of my favourite user groups.

But I want to be at MOW 2011, even just as a groupie, a delegate, whatever, these are my friends, many are also ACE Directors. Last year when the date was announced  quite late (WeDoNotUseAdvancedPlanning) , I was already committed to the Norwegian UserGroup and commitment is my top priority, but I did get to go to the extended after party.

This Ĺ·ear is the same, I want to be there, but the dates overlap with Collaborate , but my great friend Alex Gorbachev said we could do both, it means a quick exit and rush across the world but we can do it. 

So I thought about just asking to help out, then thought I might even submit a paper. At this point many of my friends who speak here are choking on their beer as they read this. What could I possibly bring to this conference? But I talked with Alex and then Mogens and an idea developed. I have had great conversations with these people about how Fusion Apps are designed and given presentations at RMOUG to very technical audiences so it is not completely from scratch.

The intention is to give a demo talking about where the data is going, and how it gets there, the integrity and the technology. Just a short presentation, these people will get the concepts quickly, then have a discussion on what they want to know. Thanks to 5 years of working with development I may even know some answers, and I have had a few sessions with people in the know at Oracle this week to understand more for myself. Then as my knowledge dries up I will have someone on hand to 'ring a friend' and am also thinking of following up with a later webcast to mop up any areas we don't get to the bottom off in that session.

I spoke at length to the paper selection boss at Miracle and they loved it, and Mogens' business partner Lasse, who we know loves the apps will love this.   

But the real reason I have been given a session is last August I got Mogens to talk about apps (and again in December at UKOUG ) and famously said "I  got Mogens to talk about Applications but he will never get me to talk about databases"

Now I come think about it perhaps he has manoeuvred me into this just to win the bet.

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