Sunday, 18 April 2010

OUG Norway - Spring Conference

I had the privilege of presenting at OUGN which is a wonderful conference held on a cruise ship between Oslo in Norway and Kiel in N Germany.

I had previously done a conference cruise between Helsinki and Stockholm and really enjoyed it.

There were about 250 people at the conference and 5 tracks. The facilities were great for a conference except internet access which was provided by satelitte. This required a 140,000 km round trip and the suggestion that your 'internet experience would be improved if you avoid websites with high graphics or videos'. I am not sure how they managed it technically but they were also able to block email. None of this would have mattered except whilst on the boat we found out about the Volcano and the effect on flights but we could not get any more details.

I gave 2 presentations, one on Fusion Applications and the technology behind it, and one on answering the questions that Fusion Applications raise. I also took part in a session on the Oracle ACE Program with Sten Vesterli and Dan Morgan.

Meals were sit down affairs which always make me jealous, there is just no where in the UK we can cater for our conference needs and provide catering like this. It is fantastic for networking.

As you can see from the map the journey is awesome, and the highlight for me was going under The Great Belt bridge

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