Saturday, 1 January 2011

Fujitsu VisIT 2010

 Jessika from the Fujitsu Alliances Team
It has taken me a long time to catch up with this blog, and I apologise. It is also all about Fujitsu for which I do not, they are after all my employer.

Since Fujitsu Siemens ended and the hardware business was fully integrated into the Fujitsu Family I have worked for a hardware company. Normally it would not have much impact on a day to day basis for me, that was until Oracle bought Sun. Now the Fujitsu Global Alliance with Oracle has a lot to do with hardware as I have explained before.
Oracle statement - Fujitsu branding

There used to be an annual hardware conference each year in Germany, VisIT, but since last year it has included services, and I got to speak. This year I was what the called an 'expert', this is where delegates can arrange a meeting with an 'Expert' in advance, it is great to talk direct to customers, and the part of my job I love the most. The closest we get to this in Oracle User conferences is perhaps the OakTable or ACE Director Panels.

Just a few weeks previously I had been on the Oracle stand at the SOA Symposium and it was great this time for there to be an Oracle Stand at a Fujitsu conference. Funny to see their content in our branding, and it was great to have Juergen Kress who runs the SOA Partner Community within EMEA.

VisIT is a very different kind of conference for me but I really enjoy it.

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