Friday, 17 September 2010

What Sessions will you be attending at OOW?

Lot of people have blogged about the sessions they will attend or at least recommend for OOW, but my problem is they are all good; ask anyone who has been turned down, they quality is very high.

So what area are you interested in? If it is an area catered for by a conference within a conference like 'JDE' or 'PeopleSoft' or Java then it will be easier to find your sessions in the main agenda schedule. But the best way to get the most out of OOW is to join the online communities that interest you? Most of these have published their own 'must see' list.

My interests as you may guess are around Fusion Apps and it's Technology and there's a few links I would recommend:

Fusion Applications demos, there are several during the week and lots in the demo stations but look out for S318344.

But Fusion Apps for existing Apps customer is not the whole story, you need to see this session where all the executives including Steve Miranda will talk about the way forward S318344

I think the User Experience for Fusion Apps is fantastic and recomend you attend S318247 to see this.

Fusion Middleware for apps and the 'top' session being recommend here is around SOA.

I hope to make some of these sessions but I will be busy enough with my own

Fusion Middleware for business - Stay away if you are technical. I just want to he people understand what this is all about without the 'geeky' stuff. Understand the possible value and then go and attend a deep session on how it is done

This blog from my friends in user experience explains more - thanks Misha but the room is now full!

42 Real Life Examples of Fusion Middleware for Apps is I hope my best session. If it works I have 2 special friends to thank or to take the blame if it doesn't.
I keep saying how I now have many technical friends and Lisa Dobson who is passionate about helping newbies tells me that every presentation has to have a geek reference to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. She helped me come up with the title. That was fine and then I had the paper selected, great but how do you fit 42 examples into 60 minutes? Then my great friend Mogens Nørgaard came to the rescue, take the reference further, just talk about Life, the Universe and Everything.I also need to thank Marco Gralike who reached out to others when I started to panic about the examples.

So I have 3 great examples to demonstrate Life, The Universe and Everything and my point that you don't have to do all FMW to get value for your Apps. the The Fusion Middlware with Applications Excellence Awards are fantastic for showcasing great implementations but what if your needs are more modest?

I hope people won't think I am short changing them, and I do have a white paper with 42 examples that they can download later, and I have to that all my friends in the Oracle ACE program and the IOUC who have helped out. They include people like Lucas Jellema Author of the Oracle Press book: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Handbook, .

My third presentation I on What to Look for in a Systems Implementor, S319349, I hope this will show the considerations you need to think about when planning your projects that require a partner. I will use lots of examples from projects I have worked on and hope to have my boss Andy Seferta help me out ( as he will on the 42 examples).

But that isn't the end, in fact before the conference even gets going I am proud to be part of a panel at the Alimeter pre conference briefing along with Floyd.

I hope you can join me for at least one session


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