Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fujitsu at Oracle Open World

This is my blog and my thoughts and not Fujitsu's but in this posting I want to indulge them.

I thrive on pride and passion, Proud of what I have achieve for users groups and for myself as a presenter and the recognition it has brought me, this all comes because of the passion I have for sharing knowledge. In my work life it is the same, I am extremely proud of what I do and how Fujitsu has supported me doing this.

Why, do they? I don't earn any revenue when at a conference or user group event, and I hope I don't just stand on the stage with 50 slides all saying 'Fujitsu' - we have all been to vendor presentations which are like that. It is about thought leadership, if I am known and respected in the community and you know who I work for you don't need me to spell it out that Fujitsu is a great Oracle Partner.

We are great, but again I am not comfortable will the whole selling angle, I want my knowledge and that support they give me to be testament to Fujitsu as an employer and partner, but let me tell you here something which again I am very proud off:

Fujitsu have always been a sponsor of OOW but this year we are marquee sponsor, why have we stepped up a gear? Well mainly because of the Sun acquisition and the partnership we had with them, as I wrote in an earlier posting "Fujitsu provides SPARC64 processors and SPARC Enterprise M-series servers for Sun and the acquisition we hope will be good for us". So now we are a global Hardware and Services Partner.

So this year there is a keynote, at the same time as the new Mark Hurd so that will be very interesting, we also have an executive session, we had one last year which I actually gave, and then there are number of sessions being given by Fujitsu employees including myself.

Read all about what Fujitsu are up to at OOW including which are my sessions. Look at our supplement in the magazines. Better still come and see what we do at Booth #1311 in Moscone South.

What is nice is we get to entertain a lot of customers and especially those from Japan and as marquee sponsors we have a VIP area at the appreciation event, my first time after all these years attending OOW. We are also sponsoring the welcome party, so think of this as me buying you all a drink. 

So this year I am very proud of what I and Fujitsu do. Come have a look yourself but most of all enjoy yourself

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