Monday, 20 September 2010

I was worried

If you read my blog  regularly you know I try not to be a direct marketing tool for Fujitsu. But today I make no excuses.

I have been many Oracle Open Worlds and am very privileged through my role in the global user group community to have priority seating for keynotes. It is a great model that you make the audience sit through the sponsor keynote before the top billed Oracle keynotes, and I have sat through more than my fair share. I have not myself fallen asleep but have watched others, ( including Oracle people), I have tweeted through my boredom, updated Facebook and cleared my emails ( wifi permitting). 

So when Fujitsu told us internally they were going to be Marquee sponsor I was worried.

I don't pretend to be the best in this community but I do have a reputation I hope of being honest, employed by a partner but not direct sales. My value to Fujitsu, I hope is my ability to work with all areas of Oracle, understand and share that knowledge within the community and in turn to my colleagues and our customers. That Trusted Voice.

I don't stand up and say Fujitsu, Fujitsu, Fujitsu but people do know I work for them, and the freedom they give me is phenomenal. I have worked for them since they acquired ICL who I joined 21years ago.

So what would happen to my credibility and my personal pride if Fujitsu became one of those keynotes remembered by it's boredom or professionalism rating? But I didn't need to worry, the story of Fujitsu was told through the Japanese culture and I challenge anyone not to have learnt something out our heritage or current initiatives. 

I have seen good tweets and I have seen ones calling it an informercial, well perhaps that was the angle it took, but they talked customers, staff and plans.  Responsive, Genuine, Ambitious. Isn't that better than drone, drone drone? 

I am biased, but I am also proud, very proud and very relieved, rather than negative comments being said by delegates attending, you will remember 'Shaping Tomorrow with You'.

Now I can get excited about Fusion Apps.

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