Saturday, 4 September 2010

Understanding The Economic Impact

UKOUG and Fujitsu recently carried out a survey on the economic impact on Oracle projects. This is the 2nd time the survey has been run, the first one being last year. A second and subsequent survey is always more valuable because it gives you the opportunity to compare year on year.

The news is full of doom and gloom about spending cuts, but simply cutting all budgets is not the answer. Good systems should save money through efficencies and improved service. 'Spend to Save' is something we hear a lot from organisations now. So it is good to step back and ask people what exactly is happening in their areas.

Fujitsu is an important Oracle partner and needs to decide where to invest and what services to offer so they derive value from the survey which they have paid for. All partners need to understand the market they are operating in and this is one way that we used to help us.

The value for the user group is to understand the challenges of their members and see if there is any thing that we can do to educate, assist or seek information for our members. As our chairman Ronan said "The results are very interesting and reflect many anecdotal conversations we have with our members."

For me personally I was disappointed that more than half didn't understand Fusion or what it meant to them. UKOUG has been at the forefront of user group participation with Oracle, and we had an incredibly successful day at our last TEBS conference in Birmingham. We will repeat that this year and look at more webcasts and perhaps a special event. Fusion technology is here now and the applications are expected by the need of the year. If you have any thoughts on what you want to know and how best it can be delivered to you, let me know.

Read the press release from Futjitsu and the actual report.

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