Wednesday 22 June 2016

UKOUG 2016 Agenda Planning Day

It's over, the milestone of Agenda planning Day has been reached, which for me means we have a conference for December.

I feel a bit guilty having said that, as the office have so much to do, check, checking, confirming speakers, reserves, letting people know if they were not selected, and chasing the volunteers for the sessions we still have to source.

But it really is a major achievement. Last Friday so many volunteers got together and after a pep talk from Fiona Martin we split into three groups JDE, Tech and Apps. Within Apps we are further split into EBS Financials, EBS HCM, Digital CX, PeopleSoft, Cloud and Apps Tech, along with generic apps based Business Analytics and Business & strategy.

EBS Team
We had a lot of papers submitted and selecting is hard, especially as we have to tell a story, make it compelling for people to take time away from work, make people want to be part of it.

There is a lot to do and we had some new volunteers which is excellent, they have a new lens on what we are trying to achieve.

The agenda we built is slightly different, we have process streams for EBS, product streams for PeopleSoft. Business Analytics have their own apps streams as well as being woven into the product and process streams. The biggest change is Cloud, we are not only providing education about the Journey but more so Life in the Cloud, by product and then a whole stream focused on Cloud Services as well as what you technically need for Apps in the Cloud.
Tech Team

After planning the agenda, we had our AGM and then we had a few drinks to say thank you to all the volunteers.

Agenda Planning Day is always a long, very busy, and very exhausting day, but the feeling of achievement is untouchable.

But the planning is not over, there is still so much to do.

Thank you to everyone who took part. It will be a great event.

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