Wednesday 8 June 2016

AMIS25 Beyond The Horizon

In the Hackathon blog I explained I had already been signed up for AMIS25. I only had one presentation on Digital Disruption in the Oracle World, and so was prepared to fund the trip myself, until the Hackathon came along; I knew it would be great.

I love the dutch ACEs. For some reason The Netherlands embrace technology ahead of the curve. If you look at the APEX or ADF masters there is a disproportionate number of Dutch people, so this promised to be a  great conference.

AMIS was celebrating their 25 annversary and have always been a great supporter of sharing knowledge so thought an event like this was an excellent way to do so. Watch their trailer.

Alex Nuijten talking in a 'Muffin'
AMIS started as the Aircraft Maintainence Information System so the location of an aircraft hanger seemed quite fitting. As a user group leader I am always looking at different locations and this one intrigued me. The lecture halls were a series of blow up muffins, or rather that is what they looked like, and is it wrong that I wanted to disconnect one and see what happened to the occupants?

As each theatre was the same size it ensured the audience were spread out. you may not have got your first choice but you may have learnt something you didn't expect. I was concerned about how it would be to present in one, and perhaps there needed to be a quick briefing, but as long as you used a microphone and looked at the audience it was fine. If you turned your head the walls would soak up your voice and no one could hear you.

My first session, on digital disruption was early on the first day and I was really pleased with the audience (although they probably had to come due to no room in their first choice). there was lots of interaction so I loved the session

I say first, because a few weeks ago, Lucas from AMIS asked me if I would give another presentation. I had submitted an new presentation idea on the reality of UX. I love what Oracle have done with the UX in cloud, but now there are lots of customers, I wanted to look at it from their perspective and what did that actually mean?

Now having said yes I had to write the presentation but actually it wasn't too bad, I knew what I wanted to say. Again I was really pleased with the size of the audience and loved the interaction. This was about why UX?, in a really practical way.

I loved this conference, there was a great vibe, great sessions and along with the Hackathon, a lot for me to have learnt as well. They had a great party with a band who said they played requests. Actually they were just brilliant at taking requests, singing as much as they knew and moving into a prepared list. But I was first up to ask and as a tribute to my youth when all parties started this way; requested Daydream Believer from the Monkees.

We always have fun at these events, and Bjorn was making more of his Basil Gin Smashes and Tim Hall, was being, well Tim Hall.

Another great thing about this conference is that Amsterdam is one of the few airports I can travelled direct to Belfast from; a real Treat.

Thank you AMIS for the invitation and OTN for the funding.

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