Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Continuous Innovation – Not Just Buzz Words

Following on from the recent posting on the need to continuously learn I wanted to give an example:

In the fast changing world we live in it is important to remember that in your particular area pace may not seem that fast as you are doing it everyday, but if you look back and take stock we come a long way very quickly.

When we first started talking about PaaS4SaaS at Certus it was only Spetember 2014, and our Proof of Concept was just over a year ago. At that point there was only 2 products available and now there are 32! 

But continuous innovation is not just about new products but listening to users and making the products better.

When we did our PoC, we had a number of constraints and many have been improved on by the PaaS and SaaS products. Originally we added a url to the home page of SaaS to call out PaaS, but in release 10 of SaaS we had the ability to punch out from the simplified UI and not long after a patch gave us the ability to open an iFrame from SaaS to run the PaaS in.

The Rapid Development Toolkit has also been improved thanks to feedback, it now contains a library of components rather than a sample app.

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