Thursday 29 September 2011

Listening to User Groups

One of the values of belonging to a user group is being part of a voice that is listened to. This is not just an empty boast, Oracle do listen to UKOUG, we share our survey data with them and we agree action plans where necessary.

I am very proud of how UKOUG have been central to what user groups have done with Oracle around Fusion Applications and they have listened to us. Right back in the early days we were asked to talk to marketing about the messages we were hearing, and a few weeks ago I was asked to speak again to marketing as they start their first campaigns to sell Fusion Applications this was a great honour for me personally but it also cements the value of the user group.

As a direct result we are working together with marketing, and our Fusion Days early in September were because we worked with each other. They asked me to speak on Andrew Sutherland technology panel.

We worked with marketing to time our Fusion Day, which totally filled up in hours, so we worked again with the presenters in Oracle Development all flying into the UK, and they agreed to do another day. That was full as well. The feedback I got on the day was great, bringing demos to our members. Look out for a article from Colin Terry, who hosted the first day in his new role as UKOUG Council member.

We are working with Oracle on an applications day they will have later this year where again I will be part of the panel, and then we have UKOUG conference where you will get more Fusion content.

I talk a lot about Fusion technology and applications, but others in UKOUG are working just as hard on other areas. This is part of the value we bring to you.

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