Thursday 29 September 2011

Fusion Nation

This year FINALLY Oracle have promised to make a big fuss about Fusion Applications. And one of the things they are trying to encourage is for people to talk about it, and to do this they are putting 500 people in red vests for you to stop and ask.

The people are made up of Oracle Development (finally allowed to talk), Oracle product management, trained SI partners, Early adopters and User Group advocates. This last group is mine, 26 people who are either part of the Product Development Committee who have worked with Development since Fusion was just a dream, or Fusion Apps UX advocates from the ACE program. Two initiatives I am very proud to have led.

I am not sure the vest will suit me, and I can't promise to have much time to talk, as ever my dance card is very full, BUT do stop me, do ask me, once I start talking you may never shut me up.

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