Monday, 26 September 2016

My OOW16 - My Thoughts and Those From The Analysts I Follow

There is always post Open World conversations about what was it all about and what does that mean to Oracle customers. Some of these conversations are formal and many more are informal, in the street around Moscone, at the airport and with everyone you meet when you get back.

On the Thursday morning I was at an Analyst breakfast and I was quite buoyant about SaaS, there were more customers than Oracle speaking on HCM and lots of examples of ERP customers. I think Cloud @ Customer will be a great option for those who want Cloud Applications but are not able to take their solution off site.

In the PaaS world, there are a lot of unknowns and a lot is still marketing but there are signs of small adoption. I am hopeful that the success we now see in SaaS will over time be mirrored in PaaS.

Ray Wang and I in a very quick selfie
Alex Gorbachev who is more the infrastructure and database side felt that Oracle taking on AWS for those who have already moved their Oracle there will be almost impossible, but that Oracle have a chance to win those who have yet to move; if they get it right.

I try and keep up with what the analysts have to say and I got to say a very quick hallo to one of my two favourites Ray Wang. 

Ray Wang was recording a video with Cube, so I got to hear his thoughts live. 

My other favourite analyst Den Howlett was there for 2 days but we missed each other. I was watching his twitter feed and reading his thoughts on the conference messages and his apps preview, I love how Den doesn't mince his words, and I was really pleased he called out the UX as a great feature in the apps.

All the blogs from Diginomica can be found here.

Other commentary I have read and found interesting are:

Ray's colleague Chris Kanaracus at Constellation wrote a great piece on customers at OOW, the ultimate measure of Oracles's success. 

Tech Target focused on the IaaS push.

Also a great write up from UKOUG President Linda Barker

The Cloud First idea, is not new to me, UKOUG sent two members to beta test 12.2 and at that time under NDA we were told this would happen. I think it gives people the opportunity to have a go at 12.2 before doing an on premise upgrade and for Oracle to sort out any issues before releases the on premise version. Tim Hall explains this much better than me.

I will be following up on the PaaS releases, especially the Low Code Project Visual Code suite, and look forward to Certus testing release 12 of HCM & ERP as there were a lot of exciting enhancements talked about I want to see.

I also want to follow up the Managed Service Provider Program with Alliance & Channels and Cloud @ Customer to see how they fit into our services at Certus.

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