Monday, 26 September 2016

My OOW16 - England Rugby Presentation

The highlight of this Oracle Open World for me was definitely our customer case study with England Rugby.

This is an amazing customer to work with and as an avid Rugby (albeit Ireland) fan I enjoy every minute of working with them at Twickenham.

I submitted the abstract many months ago and when it was accepted, I started to work with their speaker, Patrick McMaster, Senior Learning & Development Partner, on the content. Patrick also helped me with their branding. When a brand like England Rugby has serious sponsorship, it is very important that they protect it and I had also come across this before when I worked on the EBS implementation at the Olympic Delivery Authority in the run up to the London Olympics.

England Rugby PR department gave me lots of help and guidance and the actual sign off process was then quite painless. 

The actual presentation, Digital Transformation in Sport was just after lunch on the Wednesday of OOW. The session was in the HCM stream at the Palace Hotel, although billed as both ERP & HCM. Now that Oracle are selling more an more dual pillars I think they need to rethink having separate locations for their content at OOW. 

The room was really nice and set out ballroom style, I would have liked a larger audience but we were against the launch of the HR Helpdesk, which is a session I too would have liked to attend.

As you can see we were all kitted out in the correct attire and the preparation paid off, we finished exactly on time and got all the points across. I am hoping we can give the presentation internally to the combined team so that they can see what we were up to.

Patrick had attended several other customer stories at OOW and although they were very interesting, he felt they were mainly company ABC implemented XYZ without any challenges and experience shared. Our presentation did share the challenges and how we overcame them and I hope it will help those who attended.

The breaks between sessions at OOW were quite long so we played a couple of videos as people entered the room. A round up of the Rugby World Cup hosted at Twickenham in 2015 as the project kicked off, and the launch video for the Rugby World 7's which are being held in San Francisco in July 2018. The second video had only been released the week before OOW so it was very timely and relevant to the mainly American audience. Did you know rugby is the fastest growing team sport in America?

Steve Fearon, VP Oracle, who is their executive sponsor attended the session to support us.

This is a presentation I am very proud off, and it will be given again at UKOUG Apps in Birmingham on 6th December so come along.

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Javier Huerta said...

It was a nice presentation, useful information like project timing, methodology used and lessons learned from customer point of view. I definitely recommend it for next conference in the UK.