Sunday, 24 April 2016

C16LV - The Mobile App

Conferences need mobile apps, but I am yet to see the perfect one, and that includes UKOUG. In a tech world you think we could just write one but and if there is someone out there with nothing to do and doesn't need to earn any money, let me know.

Anyway there was a Collaborate16 App and it was one of the best I have seen.

Multiple Session Selection

It did allow you to select more than one session in any time slot. As a delegate this is important because there may be two or more you fancy seeing and if the app only allows you to only select one then if that turns out to be the wrong one, you need to start looking for an alternative.

However it may cause problems for event organisers who are trying to allocate rooms based on interest, although that is unlikely to be a problem in Vegas. Also speakers were able to see the interest in their sessions which didn't match up to the actual numbers who showed up.

But the delegate experience must come first, so this was good.
Log in screen

Missing - Personal Time

Conferences are brilliant for networking and for meeting up with people so a MUST is to be able to enter your own meetings, which we couldn't do on this app.

Twitter Feed

This was brilliant, as long as you had correct tag it worked, that is what we want, you dint have to tweet from within the app so if you use tools for scheduling etc they still worked.

Best and Most Annoying Feature

The Collaborate App was keep up to date and was really good, the best feature for me was where rooms were linked to a map. Not everyone attends Collaborate every year, I do and it still takes me to Thursday each year to remember where every room is and how to get there quickly.

The worst feature was the delay each time you opened it, whilst it 'logged on'!

However much better than many I have seen and the wifi at Collaborate was awesome. Well done Folks.

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