Monday, 4 May 2015

What does the Fall of Saigon Tell us about IT & Leadership and what does it have to do with Rugby?

Like me you have probably seen this picture many times this week, as people mark 40 years since the Fall of Saigon.

I am not American, a history major or even old enough to have remembered this first hand (although I was 13 at the time and only interested in the Bay City Rollers, so not sure what that says about me), but this was a major event in history and something that should be remembered, and never repeated again.

But what is important, about every event, is we learn what to and what not to, repeat.

At the Quest Executive Forum, Colonel Anthony A Wood who was a leading part of the evacuation of Saigon, told his story, and how what he learnt there had helped him in the IT business many years later.

He also talked about the value and experience people from different industries can bring to our own. Personally this is important to me as I have a daughter whose own army career will I hope give her the soft skills for another successful career when the time comes.

On a much smaller scale I have become interested in a scheme between IRUPA, The Irish Rugby Union Players’ Association and IOD, the Institute of Directors of which I am a member. Here business people are helping current professional rugby players to learn business soft skills like networking and speaking, and linking them with businesses in the industry they may want to move into when their sporting careers decline. 

It is all about the nurturing of those soft skills which can be transferred.

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