Monday, 20 April 2015

Collaborate 2015 - Networking

All conferences are about networking and it is always what scores highest on delegate feedback forms. Some of it is formal sessions like the welcome parties and others are amongst friends.

On Sunday I attended the overseas delegates lunch, and then both the OAUG and Quest receptions in the evening. At the Quest session it was great to catch up with John Schiff who is such a great supporter of UKOUG.

Monday I attended the WIT lunch and met a great number of interested ladies in IT. I also attended a session on using twitter, and won myself a gift card, thank you IOUG.

At the main exhibition drinks it was great to just wander around and meet people, and help Kerry out with the UKOUG stand.

Later it was the ACE reception and thank you Vikki for all you do for us. I didn't stay too late as I was speaking early the next day.

Tuesday was the IOUC dinner, and more exhibition time where Quest cut their birthday cake.

Wednesday I took part in a meerkat streaming session with Faun DeHenry, this is new to me but fun.

With Daniel from Quest

The Collaborate appreciation event was a Groovy 60s night and I got to dress up in a long wig, it was amazing how many people didn't recognise me. Including my colleague Ian but then I didn't recognise him either.

As is now traditional, I went with the Cenovus crowd and we were last to leave after the party.

On Thursday as the day progresses it gets quieter, I even went to a session on planning with IOUG and one of the things they talked about was the importance of knowing exactly what is meant by a time. I suggested Redwood time, as every Oracle user knows where they are relative to PST.

I went to a fantastic restaurant Hugh's Cellar under the 4 Queens Casino in Fremont with friends and it was a dining experience. I was so full after the salad which was made personally at the table, i couldn't eat my duck, let along the chocolate dipped fruit. so i took it back, however Mandalay Bay doesn't have cutlery in the rooms (or you could get the spoon out of the coffee cup for $4), so I ate cold duck in a fabulous orange sauce using ice tongs for my breakfast Friday.

Then Friday before I left I was able to tick off something from my bucket list, I got to go to In-n_out burgers for the first time. We walked which was an adventure, it was amazing how many people arrived fro their $6 meal in taxis.

One off the List, my first trip to In-n-out
I liked it, I also liked that they pay good wages, and I liked that the company's christian principles are included but not pushed. It si very clever just to put a bible reference on the packaging, everyone wants to know what it is. I have 'an app for that', so was able to help out.

So another great conference, lots of old and new friends.

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