Monday, 20 April 2015

Collaborate 2015 - Certus Presentations

I had 5 sessions accepted at Collaborate, the first was about User Groups and Communities and the other 4 were Certus presentations.

I did a presentation on AppAdvantage, an updated repeat of Oracle Open World presentation I did with Rick Beers, this time just on my own. It was a small audience so I was able to speak directly about their companies.

I did a presentation on 'DO Cloud Applications Stack Up?' which as always creates good questions. This is getting more and more popular as companies are seriously starting to consider, even if not for the immediate future.

My favourite sessions were the two on PaaS4SaaS which was the story of our journey so far. This was a joint presentation with my colleague Ian Carline and we were joined by Julian Orr from the Oracle UX team, who was part of our workshop back in January. There is a white paper for this presentation which I will get loaded and linked to.

The proof of concept that we carried out, has given us so much exposure, it is amazing how many people haven't done their own thinking around this, and we are happy to share our learnings. We did find a few examples of people using PaaS in simple use cases and it is great to see these small steps towards adoption in the Oracle SaaS world.

I also took part in some more UX usability sessions looking at future ideas for expenses which in my role would make life much easier. Certus, not only myself have a long tradition in taking part in these sessions, the ability to see ideas being worked on and to be a real part of the input considered.

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