Sunday 12 October 2014

My OOW14 - Just for Fun - My Oracle Family

I try to keep my blog for my thoughts, both about what I do and what I think in the Oracle space (I have a private blog for random things), I keep Facebook for fun, my criteria for friends being those I would have in my home, and twitter I TRY to keep for business comments.
But the Oracle world is a community and you can't separate clearly the different parts, I have so many friends around the world I have met or travelled with and they are just like Family.

So social media doesn't always work out the way  I intend especially when tagged by friends on twitter who have different use cases. I don't mind normally but it does sometimes confuse people, especially in reference to my Oracle family.

To recap, last year Tim Hall aka oracle-base decided to call Graham Wood of the Real World Performance team, his dad. Lots of fun around this concept.

Then in April of this year whilst on the Norwegian usergroup conference cruise, Tim and I made our way to the restaurant for dinner, we were early and the only person in there was the captain. So unless we wanted to get married there was nothing for us at this time, so we thought 'why not'. Most importantly we didn't really or legally tie the knot but Tim blogged we had married, and Tim's blog has thousands of readers.

The following month I went to Collaborate and sat next to Graham at the ACE dinner. I tweeted a photo of us saying 'having dinner with the new father in law' and also posted it to Facebook. Interestingly real relatives were getting in touch to see if I had something to tell them.

Tim loves a windup and quickly started to mention it frequently and to be honest I quite liked the fun. Heli from Finland who wanted to be included so we decided to adopt her. Our family was complete:

My Oracle Husband - MOH - Tim Hall

My Oracle Father-in-law - MOFIL - Graham Wood
My Oracle Daughter - MOD - Heli Helskyaho

In Bulgaria three of us (no dad) were reunited and it was great to all be together again.

Tim keeps the story alive and planning started for a family dinner and official photograph for OOW and it happened on the Wednesday before.

Me, Tim, Heli and Graham

During the ACE Director briefings Tim kept tweeting about it (remember I want twitter to be professional) so when he started his series of interviews with.... Blogs, I with the help of Michelle Malcher returned the favour.

Love the Craic (as they say in N Ireland) but need to add that when introducing my real daughter to Doug Burns he asked if she was real or part of my Oracle family.

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Ron Batra said...

I think the OOW family needs a nephew, Debra..

Ron Batra said...

Debra - I think the Oracle family needs a Nephew.

Debra Lilley said...

After the challenge of Heli :) we have decided to stick to a single child

Sarah said...

Well stated, Debra. As you know, I feel the same way about my Oracle friends. The camaraderie is like no other.